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Fri 16.11.2k7
- News: I added the anime section to this site. I wrote down a short essay about what is anime, how I came to anime etc. and a tutorial how to downlaod anime. The rest of this post will be an unimportant summary :)
- Icy Tower: Still play it time from time. Recent highscore - floor 1826.
- Song of the week #1: Plastic Mouth by Guano Apes.
- Song of the week #2: No More Sorrow by Linkin Park.
- Quote of the week:
(#ayu @
- Anime character of the week: Rider from Fate/stay night.

Back to school
Fri 07.09.2k7 - w1 summary
- News: Duh. So the school is back. We've got like four new teachers this week. A lot of lessons were dropped however. As an apology for being late with the update, I've added a guestbook. Or at least, I think so. I'm planning to make my own soon.
- News: lol, the last news line can actually be used again. Except for the sentence about Guestbook, that is a fake. Also, it's "many lessons", not "a lot of lessons". Don't brag about my English mistakes. I'm not a native speaker anyway. This wannabe blog thingy may continue onwards. I should start adding stuff to here, too.
- Icy Tower: Today was the day of the first forum meeting. We went to a teahouse and chattered about lots of unimportant things :)
- Icy Tower: I made lots of important highscores starting June. Mainly, I improved my combo to 883.
- Song of the week #1: Jillian by Within Temptation.
- Anime character of the week: Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

A cool headline here
Mon 26.02.2k7 - w8 summary
- News: Duh. So the school is back. We've got like four new teachers this week. A lot of lessons were dropped however. As an apology for being late with the update, I've added a guestbook. Or at least, I think so. I'm planning to make my own soon.
- Icy Tower: Tourney here, tourney there, tournaments are everywhere! Less or more, I should mention
- Song of the week #1: One Winged Angel from FF7AC (it's an acronym) movie.
- Song of the week #2: Gasolina by Daddy Yankee.
- Quote of the week:
- Random link: Dueling Analogs, a webcomic I got linked from a friend.

Sun 18.02.2k7 - w7 summary
- News: So I've finally made the promised update. However, I did not add the content yet.
- News: I've had a week off school. I was about to do lots of stuff, but I actually ended up started on the last day in afternoon. It's so much like me. However, I'm starting to get used to going out more often, which is good for me. I am in contact with real people a bit more. While traveling around Prague, I came to think about one thing... There are too many Japanese people around! They're tourists, but anyway. If I go out for even a short time, I meet at least two groups of Japanese. Also, I've used chopsticks to eat for the for time in my life. It worked somehow.
- News: It's been barely two weeks since I've last changed my avatar, yet I've already stepped on something interesting. Here's what comes out of it, eye of Lucy from Elfen Lied manga/anime series.
- Icy Tower: Yayness! Something's finally moving. Yesterday, the first version of SD Buster was released. SD Buster is an utility that analyzes the replay and gives out probability of if the replay was played in normal conditions or not. in short, it's an anti-cheat tool to prevent people from submitting slowdown replays. It's gonna be a savior, but it's not finished yet.
- Song of the week #1: Sweet Dreams, cover version by Marilyn Manson (original Eurythmics).
- Song of the week #2: Second Flight, Onegai Twins anime opening.

Sun 11.02.2k7 - w6 summary
- News: Even though the new semester-or-how-you-call-it-in-English is beginning, this was quite a busy week. Furthermore, the history teacher started to give us many homeworks (it's already twice more than all the other subjects together in February). Just waht is he thinking? Anyway... I'm gonna have a week off and updating this site is part of my plan.
- News: Damn! They dropped Singingfish. You may know, Singingfish used to be a great music search engine. Some time ago, AOL bought it. And now, it started to simply redirect to some crappy AOL video serach engine that NOBODY needs because there's already YouTube and Google Video (and Google bought YouTube).
- Pokémon: I completed my Pokédex this Monday. I also managed to capture another shiny Pokémon, this time it's a legendary one. A black Rayquaza.
- Icy Tower: There was a tournament, UNML 3-stage tournament. UNML is a strange category that was rtuined by the arrival of version 1.3 where 5th speed is faster than rapid jump. Anyway, I lost this a lot. I came 8th! The world record was broken in this tournament - Kazuya made 282 in the second round and NeN tied this in the third round. I'm still leading the International Matchpoints, though. Only 12 points ahead the German duo.
- Song of the week #1: Lilium (Elfen Lied anime openening).
- Song of the week #2: Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio.
- Quote of the week:
- Anime character of the week: Seras Victoria from Hellsing.

Oh, really?
Sun 04.02.2k7 - w5 summary
- News: Huh? I had no time to update this site, but I was thinking about it. I at least register at Google Analytics. I got the half year report in school. Nothing interesting. My average mark is 79.43% which is not bad for I did not study at all (except for History). The only bad mark is Literature (48%). I'm best in 4 subjects. And... who cares?
- News: Switching my avatar back to Mahoro.
- Pokémon: My Pokédex is almost complete now. I have 385 species (I miss Delibird only; had to simulate Celebi because there is no way to obtain it in my country) by now.
- Icy Tower: UNML 275. I'm a loser. You'll see in the next week's summary.
- Quote of the week:
(history class in school)
- Anime character of the week: Shinobu Maehara from Love Hina.

Late as ever
Mon 29.01.2k7 - w4 summary
- News: No more promising of anything related to the site, ok? I somehow forgot to make the update yesterday. But who cares?
- Pokémon: I played this game a lot in the last few weeks. More than in few years before it. My Pokédex is getting pretty complete. I got the cup and diploma for first place (had to step on a chair in public place for a photo - fortunately they didn't kick me out). After that, I went for a lunch to KFC (to avoid the lunch I didn't eat on Saturday) and lost another match to Satori.
- Icy Tower: In the international waters, there was a small tournament called NML 3-stage tournament. The tourney was played for NML and the only criteria was total of results made in three days. I made a niceish 997 (1st place) on day one (my second best game). I failed my basic line (800) on second day with a 742 (3rd). On the last day, I made exactly 900 (2nd). In total, I won by almost 150 floors over Craven of Germany with Davo the Aussie 100 floors behind. A nice tourney. I'm leading the International Matchpoints table for this year. Czech Republic is second with only one pplayer playing. What that for?
- Song of the week: Wishmaster by Nightwish.
- Quote of the week:
1. (by NeN)
2. (TeleTele TV show - Czech only, this can hardly be translated, believe me)
- Random link: Nightwish - Wishmaster misheard lyrics.
- Random link: Ask a Ninja. I'm looking forward to killing you soon.
- Anime character of the week: Haruka from Pokémon.

Sun 21.01.2k7 - w3 summary
- News: This week brought many things. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time, so I couldn't make the sections. Maybe the week after the next week...
- Pokémon: Yayness! This Saturday, for the first time, there was a championship in my country. Me, playing with Sapphire version. Ubers were allowed (2 per team), so I packed some too. My team: Ryuga (Mewtwo), Ziz (Rayquaza), Gaara (Tyranitar), Gangster (Gengar), Milla Milotić (Milotic), Dakry (shiny Umbreon). I played nine matches, won eight of them and lsot one. Here's the result table. Yup. I won. That means I'm the Czech Champion in Pokémon for year 2006 now.
- Icy Tower: I organized a small tournament called Mini Tournament 04 on I managed to make a very good score/combo in the first round in a short time. I broke my own record for UNML (273 now) in the second round. Easy win, because Mustafa007 didn't submit anything.
- Song of the week: It's Only the Fairy Tale from Mai HiME anime.
- Quote of the week:
- Anime character of the week: Orochimaru from Naruto.

What's happening? Nothing's happening.
Sun 14.01.2k7 - w2 summary
- News: Nothing special happened this week. In fact, nothing happened at all. I'll at least try to make some updates in the next week. There's gonna be many events such as competitions and stuff, so there may be no time as well. I'll sure add some sections soon.
- Icy Tower: I ended up in the second place (behind Kazuya) in last week's tournament, New Year Stars.
- Quote of the week:
- Anime character of the week: Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina.

First 2k7 week's summary
Sun 07.01.2k7 - w1 summary
- News: New version of the site (8.1) is out. I hope I'll be able to keep it updated.
- News: I've got a new avatar, Kaolla Su.
Kaolla Su
- Icy Tower: I made a 601 FML (lost combo). It almost matches my best combo ever.
- Song of the week: Sakura Saku, Love Hina anime opening.
- Quote of the week:
(Wed 03.01.2k7 9:42, school)

- Random link: A little fact about Jiraya.
- Anime character of the week: Kaolla Su from Love Hina.